Reveal Babes!

Hey DOLLs!

Welcome Back!

We're hitting you with a midweek BLOG this week!

We have had a busy week but thats the way we like it!

For all of you lovely ladies who follow us on Social - you will have seen us absolutely buzzing to be in this week's issue of REVEAL!

REVEAL is one of the most popular magazines on the shelves right now & we absolutely loved being a part of it!

If you managed to pick up your copy, you can claim your free pair of DOLL Lashes! If not, what are you waiting for? Get down to the newsagents NOW & get your hands on a copy! If theres any left!


Well ladies, its time to show off those bottom lashes as well as the top ones! Just when you thought we couldn't make them stare more than we do already, we go & give you BOTTOM LASHES!

These are now available online & in two styles - Both can be found HERE as part of our HUMAN HAIR COLLECTION.

Dont forget to pick up your DOLLY GLUE for maximum application!


 This week, as well as being featured in the fabulous REVEAL Mag, we have had a huge shoutout from the brilliant Kate Hayes MUA.

She has picked our DOLL LIGHT as one of her Summer Picks!

This is lovely of her & shows just how much you all love it!

DOLL LIGHT is continuing to sell out in both shades over & over again so make sure you order yours to avoid disappointment!

Its been a BEAUTIFUL week for our CORRIE BABES this week!

3 in one week!

First up, we have the stunning Helen Flanagan wearing our DOLL LIGHT!


Unreal babes!

Next, The one & ONLY Kym Marsh - she is one hot mama seriously!

She can be seen here wearing our DOLL LASH! For this look, we recommend wearing our KIMBERLEY Lashes - perfect for creating a high impact glamour look like Kym does here!

Last but not least the absolute BABE Catherine Tyldsley!

We absolutely LOVE this shot of her in our EVA's!

What else would she wear after all!?



It's that time again ladies!

Look of the week is always so hard to choose from, but this week has been harder than usual!

You're all just babes!

We decided to go with this little stunner!

What a fittie!

This little DOLL can be seen here wearing nothing but our very own EVA mink Lashes paired with SHINE BRIGHT Highlighter!

Could you be our next week's look of the week?


Sam & Dani