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Everything you need to know about False Lashes!

DOLL BEAUTY - October 1, 2020

In the world of False lashes, there are so many options to choose from; the list is endless! This week, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know about false lashes! – The size, style & how to keep them clean amongst other topics. Over the years, false lashes have certainly become a huge part of our beauty routine with so many of us not being able to leave the house without them. And lets face it girls, we certainly will not be seen dead on a night out without them would we? Nowadays, many of us find the application of lashes to be as natural part of their make-up routine as applying a layer of mascara or eyeliner in the morning.

Are we right ladies? Thought so!



In terms of what we use fake eyelashes for, there are a number of reasons, but their main functions are to accentuate the eye, add texture and volume & create added length to your natural lash. This automatically makes the eyes POP giving your regular make-up routine a step up. The addition of fake lashes can completely transform your look giving the naked eye a glow up!

In general, false lashes are generally categorised in to two options material wise – faux or real hair. These are often described as human hair, mink, faux mink etc. These days, the majority of lashes are made up of faux fibres removing the need for any form of animal ingredients. Given the current climate, this is quickly becoming a popular choice especially with millennials.


As well as the obvious physical transformation, false lashes can also give us a huge confidence boost. This become especially evident during the lockdown period where the element of self-care was so important. We were missing our family and friends & of course getting glammed up with the girls. So what better way to give yourself a little boost than popping on a pair of lashes to head to the shops! To many of us they May just be a pair or lashes but to many they are a perk up or a confidence boost you didn’t even know you needed.



So, how do we apply false Lashes?


First off, we always recommend to cut the lash to the shape & length of your eye, this avoids overhang at either corner & gives the lash a lot more of a natural look. Carefully hold the lash against your own, memorising where your lash ends. Cut the false lash accordingly to make sure they’re the same length. We would always recommend cutting from the inside rather than outside.

Next, apply a layer of lash glue & leave this to go tacky. We recommend leaving on the side for at least a minute to allow the glue to dry a little. This will make your lashes stay on 100% better than applying them straight away. Often you can do this when the glue is still too wet & the lash isn’t secure which will increase the risk of peeling off.


Tip – we recommend applying a layer of mascara before applying the lash. You can apply once the lash is on but we prefer to do it beforehand. Applying mascara to the natural lash as well as the false lash helps blend the two together.


Finally, pop the lash on by placing the lash gently above the lash line marrying both the natural & false lash. Allow to settle for a few second before securing the false lash together. We recommend using a set of Tweezers to make sure the lash sits properly. This is also great for getting into the corners of the inner eye that your fingers might be too big for!


If you haven’t already, make sure you apply a thin layer of mascara over the false lash scooping up the natural lash at the same time. This, as stated above will help blend the two together.


What Style do I go for?


It’s a tough decision hey Doll’s – with so many styles and designs to go for, it can be difficult to decide what the best false lash is for you. Do you go big? Do you go natural? So many options to consider. The style of false lash you choose is completely personal & often dependent on the type of look you’re going for. This can range from barely there natural looking lashes to high volume, heavily textured lashes. Again, the choice is completely yours & each style has it’s pro’s & con’s. For example, our Gilly Lash is one of our most popular natural looking lashes & often seen worn on celebs such as Bille & Samantha Faiers. This is extremely delicate, fluffy & gives the lash a subtle natural look. Whereas, our larger lashes such as Jasmine or Danielle are meant to make an impact and are naturally a lot heavier on the eye than others. Some people really love that look, whereas others steer clear of it – again making it a completely personal choice.

Another factor to consider is the weight of certain false lashes. Some are naturally a lot heavier on the eye than others too which can effect your comfort. For example, Danielle Lashes are significantly heavier in weight than Kimberley or Gilly which are both super lightweight. This will naturally effect the weighting on the lid & in turn your own comfort.


A few of our personal recommendations are as follows –



This is the perfect lash for anyone wanting a full volume, big poppin look! The lash itself is one of the heavier lashes with longer fibres & an overall thicker texture. We’d recommend this lash for someone with a bigger eye & larger lid space wanting to go all out glam!


The perfect in between lash for sure. If you’re looking for something to give you a bit of glam but don’t fancy the full on drama, Kimberley is for you. We recommend this lash to any of our Doll’s who fancy something to take them from day to night without being too heavy on the eye but still looks just as glam.


This lash is one of our most popular lashes & quite possibly one of the most natural in the collection. We’d recommend this lash to anyone looking for an everyday lash – something you can pop on ay in day out without being too overbearing & heavy on the eye. It’s also a celeb fave too with the Faiers sisters loving it!


Make sure when picking the best style for you this is something you consider – we don’t want you falling asleep on the dancefloor now do we!?


How do we keep them clean?

Keeping your false lashes clean are vitally important for being able to reuse them more than once. Typically, we like to suggest you can use lashes up to ten times maybe more if you take good care of them. However, quality maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your Doll lashes.

The first thing we would advise is make sure you use your box wisely! Use this to store your lashes after each use & in between wears. Putting them back in the original box will help protect the lash from dirt & help them to keep their shape.

Cleaning them is also extremely important. To do this, we recommend taking a clean spoolie dipped in micellar water & pull through the lashes to remove any excess make up. It’s essential to be gentle when cleaning lashes so as to not damage them. It’s also important not to squeeze-dry your lashes – this can cause substantial damage to the fibres & will be counter productive in the long run. The most effective method is to leave them to sit on a paper towel for a few hours & let them air dry.


Just don’t leave them next to a window or they might not be there when you get back!


When should we get a new pair?

Saying Goodbye to your favourite pair of false lashes is always emotional – but don’t worry Doll’s – we’ve got your back with a brand-new pair a click away! There are a number of ways that you can tell when it’s time to let go –

Firstly, a good indicator of when to throw your current set away is when you can noticeably see the strands of hair starting to fall out of the lashes – the band will begin to bend out of shape making their application a lot more tricky than usual.

You May also start to feel like your eyes are becoming irritated when applying the lashes or wearing them for a period of time. This is a tell-tale sign of your false lashes being ready for the bin! This often happens because of a build-up of make-up & glue over time which is then causing a reaction to your eye. This is the last thing we want Doll’s & would highly recommend you throw the lashes away if this begins to happen.

Don’t worry through Doll’s – it’s not like we haven’t got enough to choose from is it? Head to our LASHES page now to invest in your next pair & in true Doll Style, don’t forget to Make Them Stare…!