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How to apply Fake Tan perfectly!

DOLL BEAUTY - October 29, 2020

Fake tan, according to some beauty lovers is the single best invention known to man or wo-man. With one simple application of false tan, you can go from a 4 to a solid 10 overnight (according to the memes).

But how do we make sure we’re applying this properly? Surely it’s not that hard you’re thinking? Well, it looks easier than it is to get that gorgeous golden glow and we’re going to show you just how!


Choosing the right type of fake tan for you is the first step. There’s so many options from mist to lotion, oil to mousse! So, really deciding what works best for your skin is imperative before you even start tanning. A lot of people choose mousse due to it’s light texture. It is also easy to see where the tan has been applied as opposed to a transparent mist where it doesn’t start showing up until it’s developed!

Once you have decided which type of tan is best for you, it’s time to prep the skin. This is to be done regardless of the tan you use as the skin needs to be clean and free of dead skin & any old fake tan. This is vitally important to make sure the new false tan stays put & looks as fabulous as you are!

To prep correctly, we recommend a quality exfoliator – rich in moisture but also tough enough to do the job of removing your dead skin. Another alternative would be to use exfoliating gloves. These are often so much easier to use & more comfortable on the hands. Add a blob of shower gel & scrub away! This should leave you perfectly polished & ready for the next step – moisturising!

Moisturising is VERY important to ensure the skin is silky smoothe ahead of the tan going on. In general, we’d recommend a thin layer of moisturiser all over the body then leave to dry for 15 minutes. We also all know there’s those naughty areas which can be more difficult than others to get a flawless application. These include areas such as

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Feet
  • Hands

We highly recommend a touch more than on the rest of your body for those areas just to ensure the skin is 100% prepped & no dead skin or dry patches remain. These are the parts where the false tan will cling onto the most.


Now it’s on to the best part – TANNING! Once you prep is over, it’s time to move on to actually fake tanning your body. There are many ways to apply the tan; some choose bare hands (risky!), some choose gloves and others choose a mitt. We would ALWAYS recommend our very own Doll Beauty Tanning Mitt. With a soft velvet outer layer, this product is specifically designed to deliver a soft touch, flawless application and along lasting colour.

Applying the tan May seem simple, but there are definitely a few insider tip and tricks we can share with you to do this perfectly! One of the main benefits of Fake Tan is of course giving you an incredible golden glow. But did you know Fake tan can add contour to your body? Especially in areas such as your legs, arms & abs.

Dan & Sam our very own Doll’s have recently revealed their top tips for applying the perfect tan. These are as follows –

1 – Make sure you’re thinking in layers – applying two layers is key. First, apply one layer of false tan to the body all over using the Doll Tan Mitt. This is in essence your base colour & your first layer of fabulouness! Leave this to dry for approximately fifteen minutes before moving onto the second layer.

Just a quick note  – we’d recommend tanning in front of a mirror. This is just to make sure you’re not missing any spots such as the back of the legs or under your arms. Lifting them up & checking the underside a few times is advisable. We’d also suggest tanning in natural light to avoid any surprises the following morning. Tanning in a darkened room can often mean missed spots & a misconception of how much false tan you have on.

2 – Next, identify the areas in which you’d like to emphasise tonally. For example, as named before the legs, arms & abs can be key areas. The abs especially want emphasising if you’re on vay-cay don’t they?

3 – Using the mitt, apply a second layer of the tan across these areas almost creating shadow like quality. This will naturally create a darker tone which you will need to blend in.

4 – Take a body brush or the mitt again to subtly blend in the second layer of tan making sure there are no obvious streaks or lines.

We’d highly recommend sleeping in loose or baggy clothes to minimise the risk of transfer. Your boyfriend’s t-shirt maybe or in your birthday suit! We know it’s chilly at the moment but try to resist the urge to jump straight in your fluffy pyjamas just for one night! This applies for footwear also especially if you’re going for a spray tan. Is there anything worse than sandal lines or trainer marks around the ankles? Don’t think so!

5 – After letting your tan work it’s magic overnight, wash off with a gentle shower gel & pat down the skin. We highly recommend a shower over a bath as this will minimise the risk of your glow going away. We’d also suggest not shaving your legs or any the areas in which you don’t want the tan to be removed.

You are now Doll Tanned to perfection & officially good to go!

To make the tan last longer, we recommend using a nourishing moisturiser or cocoa butter each day to lock in the colour.


So there we have it Doll’s – your one stop shop for all things Fake Tan, what it’s for, how to use it & how to achieve the best results!

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