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Best Of Doll Birthday Bundle

It’s our Birthday Doll’s! To celebrate four whole years of Doll, we’re giving you the very best of our products including Lashes, Highlighter, Lipstick & our bestselling Doll Tan!

  • Exclusive celebratory 4th Birthday price!
  • Contains best sellers including Golden Girl, Doll Highlighter Duo & a variety of our favourite lashes.
  • Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
+40 Doller$


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Hey Dolls! Wanna meet Arianna? One of our fuller lashes in the collection & full of texture, Arianna is ready to bring the drama.

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Hold up - its the Boss babe! Wanna see what a CEO's favourite lash looks like? Right here! Inspired by the Boss Babe herself - Danielle is feisty, full of character & definitely not for the faint hearted!

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Hey Esmerelda! Looking fierce! Loved by MUA's & a favourite in our Doll Parlours, Esmerelda is super sexy & lightly textured perfect for any occasion.

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Samantha you boss babe! Wanna meet our CEO in a lash? Samantha lash is of course inspired by our very own boss lady Samantha! Powerful, strong & not one to be messed with!

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Deep Dark Tan

Hey Doll - you looking for that deep dark look? Not for the faint hearted - our Deep Dark Tan does what it says on the tin! Created with gorgeous caviar extracts & rose & marshmallow aromas - this lightweight mousse will give you an intense deep glow!




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Tan Mitt

Hey Doll - Wanna get that glow just right? You can't get the perfect tan without the perfect tools hey? Delivering a flawless velvet application again & again!

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Doll Light Duo

When one highlighter just isn't enough hey Dolls? Why have one when you can have two hey? Highly pigmented & perfectly compact - why not treat yourself babe?

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Doll Lips - Golden Girl

Hey Girl - wanna be our Golden girl? A best seller & Khloe K's fave - need we say anymore? Get your hands on this creamy colour & stun 'em all! Created with a gorgeous creamy formula & lightweight feel made to last all night.

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Celebrate in style with us Doll’s & get your hands on our EXCLUSIVE Best of Doll Bundle! Featuring none other than our CEO inspired Samantha and Danielle lashes plus our faves Arianna & Esmerelda. This bundle also contains Khloe K’s fave lipstick – Golden girl, our Doll Highlighter duo & of course our best-selling Doll Tan in Deep Dark (mitt included) Available for a limited time only Doll’s so be quick!