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Hold up – its the Boss babe! Wanna see what a CEO’s favourite lash looks like? Right here! Inspired by the Boss Babe herself – Danielle is feisty, full of character & definitely not for the faint hearted!

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So you wanna make an impact like Danielle hey? Danielle is one of our killer lashes & of course named after our very own Dani Doll! Handmade to perfection to achieve a bold & dynamic look, Danielle is the only lash you need to make them stare! Seen on a number of celebrities & infleuncers around the globe, Danielle lash has established itself as one of our most popular lashes in the entire collection. You wanna make an entrance? Shop Danielle!

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  • Features: Full bodied , Dynamic , Not for the faint hearted

What our dolls think

The best lashes so fluffy xx

Izzy Mazin

The best lashes so fluffy 😍

Izzy Mazin