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Deep Dark Tan

Hey Doll – you looking for that deep dark look? Not for the faint hearted – our Deep Dark Tan does what it says on the tin! Created with gorgeous caviar extracts & rose & marshmallow aromas – this lightweight mousse will give you an intense deep glow!

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Oh girl where’d you get that Tan from? Sssh – Nobody needs to know its fake! DOLL TAN provides a deep holiday glow giving you that gorgeous glow all year round, containing beautiful hints of caviar extract making this tan the height of luxury. And the smell? Oh DOLL’s! Say goodbye to the traditional box-o-biscuits smell & enjoy our Marshmallow & Rose scent that will keep you wanting to pump, pump, pump time after time! Our Deep Dark shade is designed for those wanting a darker appearance & a deeper glow.

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  • Features: Lightweight mousse , Caviar extracts , Hints of rose & marshmallows

What our dolls think

This is by far the best tan I’ve EVER used! It comes out smooth, with no patches left and looks natural. Also smells amazing! Will definitely be purchasing again! 🤩


My favvvv tan ever ! Smells amazing too


This tan looks like you have had a spray tan and does not go patchy at all like others such as Bondi Sands. The colour is dark and is the best i’ve seen from using other fake fans, love it.


omg its amazing tan! Dries really quick and smells lush! I’ve used so many dark tans in the past but they’ve never gone this dark and I love it!! Would definitely recommend if you love the deep sunkissed look!!

Shelleigh Ritchie