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Gimme Sun Dark

Hey Doll – craving some sun? Aren’t we all! Get the contour of dreams with our Gimme Sun Dark Bronzer! Designed with a compact mirror to bronze on the go, Gimme Sun Dark is made for a strong contour!

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Gimme Sun is available in four gorgeous shades catering for all skin tones. This bronzer is the latest in our fabulous collection of four is our first matte product we’ve created for you DOLL’s! Perfect for contouring, GIMME SUN contains stunning light peach tones creating perfect definition & structure to your face. Beautifully packaged & perfectly compact designed to keep you bronzed on the go! Our DARK shade does what it says on the tin – provides a deep dark definition & accentuates your features like a treat! Ideal for DOLL’s with an already darker complexion or anyone wanting a strong contoured cheekbone.

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  • Features: Compact - Bronze on the go! , Mirror included , Dark shade for super strong contour