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Medium Golden Tan

Hey Doll – wanna get that glow? Medium Golden Glow is perfect for that straight off the plane glow. Perfect for the more natural look. Created with gorgeous caviar extracts & rose & marshmallow aromas – this lightweight mousse will give you the perfect glow!

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Craving that summer sun? Dreaming of the heat on your face? We can give you the next best things honeys! One of our hottest products DOLL TAN provides a deep holiday glow giving you that gorgeous glow all year round, containing beautiful hints of caviar extract making this tan the height of luxury. And the smell? Oh DOLL’s! Say goodbye to the traditional box-o-biscuits smell & enjoy our Marshmallow & Rose scent that will keep you wanting to pump, pump, pump time after time! Medium Golden glow is perfect for the more natural golden glow. However, if you want a more intense finish, we recommend two applications – one for the base coat, second to contour those key areas – outside of the legs is a key one! But make sure you blend Dolls!

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  • Features: Lightweight mousse , Caviar extracts , Hints of rose & marshmallows

What our dolls think

I love this tan so much that after seeing a review that references bad reviews on Instagram I had to come here immediately! This tan is a literal dream – I gave up on fake tanning a few years ago, but using this has converted me. It smells so much nicer than a regular tan, and gives a gorgeous, non-orange colour that has gained me so many compliments! Using a velvet mitt is the best way to apply, and leaves no streaks. I leave mine on for 10-12 hours overnight after leaving it half an hour after applying to dry – standing for half an hour is so worth the up to ten days of beautiful tan that you can achieve! I recommend this to everyone – easy to apply, lovely shade, and looks like I’ve just got back from a two week holiday!! Will only ever use this tan now!!


Just washed off my first ever coat of doll beauty tan and I am so pleased with it. I suffer with awful eczema so fake tan a lot of the time is a no no. I made sure I moisturised religiously for 5 days before application and did a thorough body scrub the morning of application and I have woken up bronzed glowy and even (even around dry areas) smell was lovely and no sheet transfer. Given 4 stars as want to see how it wears but fresh out the shower I felt compelled to write a review!

Amy Rawlings