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White Glue

Hey Girl – don’t forget that glue! We cant have those lashes getting loose can we? Pop it in your bag & keep it close! Dries clear & has a super strong hold. Doll Glue is one of your beauty bag essentials!

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Its the glue that holds us all together! No literally.. it is. We have created the perfect partner to your DOLL Lashes! For the best application, apply the glue & allow up to a minute drying time. This allows the glue to go tacky & makes for an easier application! Gently apply the lash with tweezers & you’re all set to paint the town pink! Pop in your clutch just in case & head out! Don’t forget to Make Them Stare!

  • Features: Lightweight feel , Dries clear , Super strong

What our dolls think

This glue is absolutely amazing! I’m a flight attendant and I’m often flying for 12hrs + a day Not only did this glue manage to keep my lashes on for a 18hr work day it even stayed on when I went out for drinks with friends after work!! Didn’t have to re-apply my lashes as they were still perfect!!! Amazing!