Dainty Doll Lashes 6 Pack


The Dainty Doll Lash Collection - We're Fluffy, Flirtacious & Faux! 

6 NEW dainty lashes, like nothing you've worn before! Soft Bendable & super discreet! Our 6 pack of Dainty Lashes enhance the appearance of the natural eyelashes. They're easy to apply & Vegan friendly made using the highest quality synthetic fibres.


Meet The Lashes...

Millie - Soft, Delicate with curls for days

Penelope - Whimsical & wispy with a knockout wink

Daisy - Fresh, fierce & loves to bloom

Maicie - She's soft, subtle & oh so sweet

Ellie - Fine, feathery & ready to flirt

Dolly - Signature blendable babe


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