Get Dolled up for Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is around the corner Doll's and we've got the perfect look to get you ready for any plans you're making! Whether its date night with your love or galentines with your Doll's - we've got you covered with our go to liner & lip look. 

Whether you’re planning a special candlelight dinner with your significant others or hitting bottomless brunch with your friends to celebrate “Galentine’s Day”, it’s also a great excuse to dust off those makeup brushes, dab on the glitter, and get dressed up. There’s also nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner and pillar box red lipstick. Doll Beauty co-founder Danielle Gregory shares her top tips for mastering these two make-up looks.

A classic, sharp eyeliner flick is a timeless look that never dates but mastering a smudge-free application can be a beauty dilemma. If you're not overly confident using gel or a kohl pencil, liquid eyeliner with a precision tip will provide you with more control. Take a strip of tape, secure it from underneath your bottom lashes, and angle towards your temple. From the inner corner of the eye, begin lining across the lid then along the edge of the tape, creating the desired shape and filling in the gaps. I use the highly pigmented Doll Beauty Push Poppin Liner, it’s long-lasting and waterproof to take my look from day to night. Wait until the liner is dry and peel back the tape, revealing the perfect winged eyeliner. Another helpful tip for anyone who finds using liquid eyeliners, pencils, and tips to be too much hassle, it may be easier to use eyeshadow. Using the black shade from our Dolly Mixture Palette, you can achieve a hassle-free liner using a thin angled brush, running the shadow along the lash line and above the tape. At this stage, you can peel off the tape or take your look further by buffing out the edges with a small, dense brush to create that smoky look.
Apply a coat of mascara and get ready to finish the eye look with lashes. When removing your lashes from the tray, use your tweezers to peel away from the outer edge. Rest the strip along your lash line to see if they start irritating the corners, trim it to size. Gently swipe glue along with the spine of the lash and wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky. Waiting to ensure the glue has become tacky will ensure your lashes stay on all day (and night) long. It will also make the lashes easier for beginners to apply. When applying look downwards into a mirror and not straight ahead, it makes it easier to see exactly where you are placing the strip. Squeeze the strip lash down onto the natural lashes using tweezers or your fingertips - be mindful not to leave a strip of skin between your natural lashes and the false lashes. If you’re finding it difficult to get the lashes close enough to your lash line, you can fill in the gap with your thin angled brush and black eyeshadow.

PRO TIP: With such a bold coloured lip and winged eyeliner, we'd suggest a more natural and wispy lash style such as GRACE. 

Red lipstick is not a size fits all, just like choosing a foundation finding the right shade for you starts with your skin and its undertones. To determine your skin's undertone, take a simple look at the veins on your wrists. Cooler tones are purple so blue-based shades such as deep retro reds are the way. Warmer tones are redder so orange-based shades like fire-engine red are perfect.

Red lips are a festive staple for the party season ahead, to prevent colour bleeding and give a more precise application be sure to outline the lips. Then, fill the entire lip with a liner just for extra staying power.

PRO TIP: To define your perfect pout, sweep your highlight across the “V” of your cupid's bow. When the light catches the pigment, it will create the appearance of fuller lips and make your red lips pop.

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