How to Contour like a pro!

The step by step guide to simple contouring

  Lockdown has gifted us with more time at home than we could have thought possible 12 months ago. However, let’s look at some positives - it has left us with the opportunity to learn and explore new skills and talents. So, rather than raiding the fridge, watching the TV or stalking our exes on FB, we thought we'd give let you in on some makeup secrets so we can emerge from our lockdown cocoons less caterpillar and more contour queen! This week, we have created a simple guide to contouring to give you the best tips in the biz. We have also recommended our top Doll Beauty products to help nail the contoured look.   So, the important question is - why do we contour? To look fabulous obviously!   No seriously, why? Well, contouring our body provides a deeper definition and structure to enhance our features. This blog will focus on contouring the face, but our products can be used all over the body so feel free to try your new skills out later doll! Contouring our face defines the cheekbones and structures the jawline. In a way, we are emphasising all the best bits! Another popular area for facial contouring is either side of your nose. Contouring this area will give your nose a smaller and defined appearance. From the tops of your cheekbones to the bridge of your nose - contouring will enhance and embrace your natural shape.  
  1. Prepare
  Before we get to the actual contour stage, we need to have completed the base. Contouring should be done after your foundation has been applied. So, follow your normal makeup routine (do not forget to moisturise and prime dolls *shakes head*) and once your foundation is applied, follow this guide, and let us give your very own socially distanced lockdown makeup appointment.   The next super important step is preparing your brushes - we cannot possibly create a masterpiece without the right tools now can we Dolls? Here at Doll Beauty, we have got you covered with the key beauty bag essentials for creating the perfect contoured look this guide offers. No matter the contoured look you want to achieve you cannot go wrong with the Doll Beauty DB2 contour brush.   .DB 2 Brush  
  1. After applying your usual day to day base makeup - the shape shifting begins.
  • Let us start with the cheekbones. To get that chiselled look, suck in your cheeks and take your doll contour brush and buff a dark powder (this should not be more than two shades deeper than your complexion). We recommend a powdered contour using our Gimme Sun Bronzer for a perfect shade. Take the bronzer on your brush and brush upwards from the bottom to the top of your cheekbones and continue this motion applying as much or as little product for the finish you desire.
  • Wanting your forehead to appear smaller? Again, go in with the darker powder and dust it up into your hairline until blended seamlessly. With the same brush, bring the powder down towards your temples. This will give the appearance of a slimmer face.
  • Want to break some hearts with a killer jaw line? Brush the darker powder along the length of your jaw and around your chin for a stronger and more defined jawline. Be sure to blend downwards into your neck using swift motions to create a flawless finish.
  • Finally, we want to contour our nose. Using a smaller angled brush, start at the inner corner of each eyebrow and brush a thin line down towards the tip of either side of your nose.
  1. Don’t forget to blend dolls! To do so, use a gentle motion to blend as you do not want to move the product around too much. The aim is to enhance your assets - so lift your contours, do not drag them down. To keep that chiselled look in place for as long as possible set with translucent powder.
  The DB1 powered brush will set the perfect look into place, your makeup will last all day/ night long!   4 – To finish up the look, enhance the top of your cheekbones and the tip of your nose with our famous Hall of Fame highlighter palette. This will deepen your contour further and leave your features poppin’. We also recommend using our Pretty Fly Blusher in shade Viva La Vacay to soften the look. This can be done by placing a hint on the apples of your cheeks and blending outwards. Viva La Vacay Hall of Fame Palette DB4 Highlighter Brush   5- Finally, to polish off, dust over areas you have added the highlighter with our doll beauty DB4 highlighter brush. This is created with fine goat hair to give you that flawless finish.   A contoured look is the perfect accessory when going on those cocktail nights with the girls or hitting the club. However, being snatched is also perfect for those looking good to go nowhere selfies which is sure to leave you glowing on the gram. For those minimal makeup days when you still crave some definition, try a lighter bronzer/powder, and use the same techniques as above. Couple up with our famous highlighters and you will no longer will you have to apologise for your lack of glow in zoom meetings.   We are all missing that feeling of excitement when getting ready and glamming ourselves up for all the plans we have made. But when the world opens again, at least you will be a makeup expert and a contoured queen ready to showcase your newly perfected skills. Stay safe dolls!   Dani & Sam x