Why Lip Liner is your beauty bag essential!

As devout makeup worshippers, we have always believed that lip liners are, have and always will be a sacred commodity within our makeup bags. So, keep reading because we are sharing all our secrets...

Lipstick look's better for longer
The waxy consistency fuses your lipstick to the product making sure that it looks good for double the time, applying lipstick directly onto the skin means more time in front of the mirror to apply yet another layer - running out of your favourite lip faster!
Lips look fuller
It is basic contour knowledge that by creating shadows in our makeup we will highlight our best features, it is the same when applying the perfect lip. Outlining lips in a darker colour will highlight the centre of your lips and make them appear fuller.
Lips look symmetrical
Over-lining your lips can result in a makeup disaster but when used correctly lip liner can give you your dream shape. Using the pencil you can even out your Cupid’s bow or even create the illusion of a more obvious lip if your shape is straighter, just go around your lips and slowly build up your desired shape.
Lip colour is BOLDER!
The pigmentation of the lip liners means not only do they act as a primer but also a base coat, when your lipstick is stacked with a lip liner it will look brighter without using lots of product.
As if the lip liner Gods hadn’t gifted us enough we recently released the ‘Love Collection’ on Valentine’s Day which includes two brand new red shades of lipstick ‘She’s Well Red;’ ‘Red Between The Lines’ and a red lip liner ‘Bleeding Gorg’
*brb drooling.*  

The Lip Liner Commandments

Think about the rest of your makeup - Mistakes are used applying red lipstick because you apply your lipstick last, if you haven’t considered that you will be adding a red lip at the end of your look it can sometimes clash with your eye makeup and even face makeup.
Use a lip liner
If you have got this far you will already know the importance of lining your lips but to put it simple- bleeding lips are not ‘bleeding gorg.’
Keep eye minimal
There are some loop holes in this rule, if you want to rock heavy eyes and a red lip then you do you but as a whole if you want a statement lip to look it’s most effective with the rest of your face toned down.  

Four essential truths for the perfect red lip

Exfoliate and moisturise your lips especially if your going for a matte look. A hack you may already have in your kitchen is to rub honey and sugar over your lips to remove any dry skin Apply ‘Bleeding Gorge’ lip liner to your lips and build up your desired shape Apply either ‘She’s Well Red,’ or ‘Red Between The Lines,’ to the centre of your lips using a lip brush for control and also to avoid using too much product Carve your lips with concealer the same shade as your foundation for a crisp finish I hope you enjoyed our Lip Liner Bible Doll's, make sure you’re following our Instagram to keep up to date with the latest tips and tricks from our fabulous Doll Squad.

Sam & Dani